Khadijah is a homeopath, myoskeletal (Bowen) therapist and fertility educator. She supports both men and women in the Couple Programme with herbs, homeopathy and cycle charting and provides the hands-on structural adjustments for women-only.


Yusuf is our male practitioner who makes sure that men also have space to process the emotional journey (when they want to) and offers myoskeletal (Bowen) adjustments to release the pain and tension that can build in the body under any undue stress.

Why Rahma Healing?

The word RAHMA means mercy in Arabic, and shares its root with the word for womb.

A woman does not need to conceive and give birth in order to fulfill her massive potential to create wonders in the world, but she does need to have balance and health.

Rahma Healing specialises in all physical and emotional complaints that center around the womb, offering a healthy, holistic, drug-free way that heightens your vitality.

We also recognise that the man in a woman’s life is impacted by her health and wellness, as much as she is affected by his!

We therefore offer balancing treatments for you both with a view to couple harmony.

How did you get into a holistic way of life?

When the Well’s dry, we know the Worth of Water” Benjamin Franklin

We always used conventional approaches until one day they didn’t work.

We then took the LEAP to homeopathy and other modalities.

How grateful we are (in hindsight!).

Wishing you the best towards YOUR deep healing.

~ Khadijah & Yusuf