Couple Fertility

If you’re exhausted from the monthly cycle of hope and despair,

and want to:

— Find RELIEF fast from the ongoing strain of infertility.

BALANCE hormonal health.

— RESTORE your emotional & physical resilience.

RECONNECT as a couple.

(which are incidentally proven to be the EXACT ingredients you need to start a family)

Our 12 week Couple Programme may be what you are looking for.




We help you both get unstuck, revive your passion for life, and see you feeling all round human again.


There are SO many social pressures when it comes to (in)fertility.

For most of us we just expected to become pregnant whenever we chose.

In fact, we may have spent a decade or more AVOIDING pregnancy & feeling fear of conceiving.

Oh the irony and PAIN when we stop and find…

…we were running scared from something that wasn’t even on the horizon.


And now it looks bleak.


You really wonder whether you did something to deserve this struggle.

Was there an act from the past that brought barren land upon you.

And the DISTANCE keeps widening between you and your partner.



Meanwhile, society links womanhood to motherhood, yet women are often compelled to have an income for social status, and to make ends meet. This can present HUGELY conflicting ideas around success and self-worth.

With social media and the internet, we have never been so bombarded by visual lies of ‘perfect’?! lives.

Surrounded by IMAGE-HEAVY COMPARISON, it can feel like you and your life:

Just Don’t Measure Up.

– A secret struggle surrounded by isolation and shame, and there doesn’t seem any way out as your life becomes more and more obsessive and boxed-in.

– Your friends are moving through parenthood as everyone expected and you’re being left so far behind you don’t even feel you BELONG.

– The CYCLE OF GRIEVING month-after-month is stealing the joy of life you used to have and draining your relationship of everything you’d had hope for when you first met.

– You feel you’ve failed without even agreeing to sit the test.


So where to go from here?


We care about you: mind, body and spirit.

Our Couple Programme meets you where you are, individually AND together.

This cycle of stress that you’ve been going through has impacted on your hormones.

Rising adrenaline lowers all the good stuff such as oxytocin and progesterone that help you love, laugh & carry babies.

Renew and replenish the stability of your hormones, bodies, and the well-being of your minds.

Through physical, hands-on therapy you will experience a release of your tension…

..and quite literally lift a weight from your shoulders.

Rahma Healing offers a deeply integrated approach to establishing health with respectful bodywork, fertility charting, herbs, homeopathy and through a supported step-by-step audio course and journal with the Organic Conceptions programme that is accessible to you 24/7 outside of your therapeutic sessions.

REACH OUT HERE to arrange a time to speak and see whether this is YOUR turning point for sanity and hope.